By Mike Pomranz
Updated March 25, 2016
© Getty Images/iStockphoto

Some inventors ponder the needs of society, come up with an elegant solution and then market that new product to the masses. Other inventors come up with an Easter pun and then go, “People are going to love this!”

The inventor of the “eggspresso” – an espresso served in a hollow chocolate Easter egg – definitely falls into the latter of those two groups. The idea is genius in a “the-longer-you-think-about-it-the-less-genius-it-becomes” sort of way. Who really needs an espresso served in a chocolate egg? It’s as delicious as it is impractical: An egg can’t stand up on its own without tipping over, but when you hold it, chocolate melts into your fingers, which means you need a second cup to hold your egg cup. If this was Christmas, I could sum up my entire rant up with “bah humbug.” (Easter could really use its own version of “bah humbug.” Where’s an inventor for that?)

But proving the longstanding theory that people love wordplay and chocolate more than logic, eggspressos have become a worldwide phenomenon. According to Eater, the Easter novelty drink has popped up at coffee shops in Australia, New Zealand and Denmark, not to mention all people who are probably rushing out to make DIY versions right now. You’ll be able to find them on Instagram this weekend because they’ll be the ones in the pictures with espresso burns on their fingers.