By Noah Kaufman
Updated March 26, 2015
© Phillip Bond / Alamy

Even though women have made great strides in brewing circles, beer maintains its decidedly masculine reputation. Surveys typically show that over half of men choose beer as their preferred alcoholic beverage compared to only a quarter of women. Numbers like that lead to some less than inspiring advertising for those of us concerned with equality. Anyone remember a bikini-clad Pamela Anderson starting a pillow fight in support Miller Lite? Down in Brazil a group of women want to dispel the notion that beer is not for women while pushing back against inequality via a beer they are proud to label feminist. Feminista Red Ale is a collaboration between Beauvoir Brewing and a group called 65/10, which works to create advertising women can see themselves in. The group gets its name from a recent statistic that said 65 percent of women don’t identify with any of the people they see in ads.

According to 65/10’s founder Thai Fabris, they brewed the beer to promote equality and to dispel the notion that feminism is, in some way anti-male. “Many people still think feminism is the direct opposite of machismo, meaning it is about feminine supremacy over men…Of course empowering women is a part of it, but what we are trying to build is a society where men and women have equal rights.” So far the beer seems to be a success. An initial run sold out in just two days and now they are brewing as much as they can to get the word around the Brazil and around the world—feminism isn’t a dirty word and neither is equality. And that’s something worth talking about over a beer.