© Tina RuppFor their Independence Day celebrations, F&W editors will be drinking a lot of rosé, festive punches, grill-friendly cocktails and more. Here, their refreshing picks. MORE »
Rum Punch
This recipe is easy to multiply for crowds. To ensure that a large batch stays chilled without becoming watery, serve it in a punch bowl set in a larger bowl of crushed ice.

© Tina Rupp

For their Independence Day celebrations, F&W editors will be drinking a lot of rosé, festive punches, grill-friendly cocktails and more. Here, their refreshing picks.

Piña Colada-Rum Runner Hybrid “I’ll be at the Maryland shore and good wine is hard to come by in those parts, sadly. I’ll bring along some bottles of rosé though—probably Txakolina rosé, which I’m coveting right now. That said, I might just give in to a drink that’s wildly popular down there called a Pain in de Ass (a staple at a beach bar called Seacrets), which is a combination of frozen rum runner and frozen piña colada. When in Rome…” —Kate Heddings, Deputy Food Editor

Cosmopolitan “I’ve been re-obsessed with Cosmos since we featured the recipe in the F&W Cocktails 2012 book. If you haven’t had one in a while (since the early days of Sex & the City), they’re really good—tart, sweet and sour from the mix of citrus vodka, tart cranberry juice, Cointreau. And of course the bright pink color is awesome and really comes through if you’re drinking it from a big, fat martini glass. I’m not sure it’s especially patriotic, but it was created by a Miami Beach bartender in the ’80s. So that’s pretty American right there.” —Kate Krader, Restaurant Editor

Aperol Spritz "I will be drinking Aperol spritzes in my brother's backyard, whilst grilling a very large steak." —Ray Isle, Executive Wine Editor

Rhubarb Punch “Inspired by something I read on ideasinfood.com, I recently simmered a batch of sweet-tart rhubarb syrup, and now I’m obsessed with trying it in as many cocktails as humanly possible. I’ve already made rhubarb margaritas, rhubarb old-fashioneds, rhubarb gin fizzes and rhubarb lime rickeys. On the 4th, I’m going to try to mix up some sort of low-alcohol rhubarb punch. I don’t have a recipe yet, but I’m thinking something with Campari in it—anyone have a recipe?” —Michael Endelman, Features Editor

Washington State Rosé “This year I’ll be in Seattle for the 4th of July, which means I can get my hands on some Washington state rosés that don’t make it all the way to New York City. I love the selection at Bar Ferd’nand’s shop in the Melrose Market. I’ll definitely stop there to find some fireworks-perfect bottles that I’ve not tried before. My last great discovery there was the Tempus rosé from Walla Walla, made from Grenache.” &mdashMegan Krigbaum, Senior Wine Editor

Oregon Rosé “I’ll be drinking the juicy, aromatic Heart of the City rosé from one of my new favorite American winemakers, Jesse Skiles of Fausse Piste. He produces the wines right in Portland, Oregon.” —Kristin Donnelly, Senior Food Editor

Yuzu-Campari and Sodas “I’ll be making yuzu Campari and sodas. The yuzu brings flavors of white grapefruit and lime. It’s the perfect thirst quencher while manning the grill!” —Kay Chun, Test Kitchen Senior Editor

Txakolina “If you’ve ever had the urge to drink wine while swimming in the ocean, know that a glass of good Txakolina might offer a glimpse of the experience without the safety issues. This minerally, citrusy Spanish white often has a slight salty flavor, so the effect can be that you’re drinking an impossibly delicious cocktail of wine and seawater. It’s my absolute favorite for hot weather. Ameztoi’s is widely available and fantastic.” —Lawrence Marcus, Senior Digital Editor

Rum with Orange Bitters “When it’s super-hot outside, the last thing you want to do is vigorously shake a cocktail. So one of my favorite, laziest drinks is really great rum served over one giant ice cube with a couple of dashes of orange bitters. The current bottle I keep coming back to is Santa Teresa 1796. The molasses-based Venezuelan rum has incredible depth and a rich, burnt sweetness that makes it way too easy to drink straight. Adding the orange bitters makes it even easier. Only my limited supply of ice keeps me from guzzling down an entire bottle in one sitting.” —Justine Sterling, Assistant Digital Editor