By Mike Pomranz
Updated February 18, 2016
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The much-discussed all-female Ghostbusters movie will hit theaters this July. But the film might not be the only forthcoming Ghostbusters-related reboot. If recent leaks are to be believed, the Coca-Cola Company is already at work on releasing a 2016 version of Hi-C Ecto Cooler as well – a beverage that hasn’t been seen in the wild since the turn of the millennium (although plenty of people have tried to DIY).

Fans of the Slimer-endorsed drink have been hoping for a comeback for years, but now speculation is hitting a fever pitch after a supposed production sample of the new packaging landed on eBay this week. Images salvaged from this now ended auction show what appear to be an extremely authentic can – including a bar code, nutrition facts, ingredients and a 2016 copyright from The Coca-Cola Company. The clearly modern can also boasts “Ghostbusters – only in theaters” at the top, making for a logical product tie-in for the new movie.

Though bids on the eBay auction had gotten as high as $200 according to the bid history, the seller eventually pulled the item – a wrinkle that could mean nothing or could mean everything when it comes to the can’s authenticity. Back when the seller was answering question on the auction site, he wrote, “I do not know if this is what the item will look like once it reaches the store. This is a production sample. The product that eventually is in stores could be different.”

Adding to the drama, within the past hour, the Facebook page Resurrect Ecto Cooler posted photos it claims is a test box of the actual beverage with a very current September 2016 expiration date. “A source has leaked us this brand new TEST BOX of Ecto Cooler,” the page wrote. Seems like a lot more than a coincidence.

So the question now becomes are you more excited for the rebooted movie or the rebooted drink?

Image courtesty of Amazon.