Credit: © BodyBrew

In our recent examination of iced coffee, we discovered that making cold brew coffee is a cumbersome process. Even though it's grown in popularity, the time and effort involved tend to encourage people to just buy it at hipster coffee shops—or now, even at Starbucks. But a new compact brewing system plans to make it easy to make cold brew yourself.

The BOD system, which is about to hit the coffee market, uses an integrated approach to completely contain the cold brew process in a single vessel. That makes the whole thing more compact than a brewer like a Toddy, which—while one of the world’s most popular ways to make cold brew—is a bit bulky. The BOD also has a sleeker look than most cold brewers, so you feel good about leaving it out on the counter.

It’s also specifically designed to make your cold brew portable. It comes with two easy-to-fill flasks—one of which is even tailored to met TSA specifications, so you can bring it to the airport and avoid the scourge of terrible airplane coffee.

Cold brew is popular because of its smooth, chocolatey taste, but if you do plan to switch to this method, one thing to remember is that there is no shortcut. The BOD is simple to use but still requires the standard 12 to 24 hours of brewing time. But the upside to waiting that long is that you can make coffee that will last a while. Cold brew gives you extract that should be diluted with water and milk and can last a couple weeks if refrigerated. The BOD can make enough extract for about 12 cups of coffee per brew cycle.

The BOD will hit the Internet for pre-order March 23. It will regularly cost $79, but early buyers get a $20 discount.

If you’re looking for a “set it and forget it” coffee method, this could be what you need.