Credit: © Line Klein

If you’re trying to improve your coffee brewing it’s not hard to get overwhelmed quickly. There are lots of methods—French press, pour-over, siphon—and plenty of equipment you can spend money on. But it doesn’t have to be that complicated. You can make a better cup of coffee with something you probably already have in the kitchen. According to Northeast regional barista champion J. Park Brannen, a simple Brita filter makes a world of difference. “Using a Brita to remove particulate matter from your water before you heat it makes as big a difference as [the much more expensive investment of] a great grinder.” (A nice Baratza grinder, his brand of choice, can run into the hundreds of dollars.) Getting rid of whatever nastiness might lurk in your tap water will seriously improve both the flavor and aroma of your morning cup with minimal effort and money.

Just make sure you change the filter regularly. For coffee brewing purposes Brannen puts the lifespan of a Brita filter at about two months.

Happy brewing.