Credit: Photo Composite: © Ian Dagnall / Alamy; © Helen Sessions / Alamy

It sounds like the making of an April Fools’ hoax: Mountain Dew offering a Doritos-flavored soft drink. But as we found out this past weekend, “Dewitos” is all too real.

Speculation started on Reddit, with one user claiming someone was handing out samples of the oddly-named beverage on campus at Kent State University. As proof he provided photographic evidence of the tiny cups of the neon-orange drink.

Fearing a hoax, the good people over at Quartz reached out to PepsiCo, maker of both products, who weren’t ashamed to admit they’d been playing God. “We are always testing out new flavors of Mountain Dew,” a spokesman said. “We opened up the DEW flavor vault and gave students a chance to try this Doritos-inspired flavor as part of a small program at colleges and universities.”

So what did the Redditor think of his taste test? His reaction was more one of confusion than anything else. “The stuff actually tasted like liquid Doritos. It was really weird, and not exactly appetizing,” he claimed in one comment. Later, he somewhat clarified, “It honestly wasn't that disgusting. It tasted like orange with a Doritos after taste. It tasted like straight Doritos afterwards though. Weirdest thing I've ever drunken.”

There you have it: If you’re looking to drink something really weird, Dewitos could be your new favorite drink – assuming it makes it out of the testing phase, of course. In the meantime, you’ll just have to get your weird Doritos-inspired foods at Taco Bell or 7-Eleven.