wine, spoon
Credit: © Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Simultaneously running a real estate empire while also running for President of the United States can be tricky business. For instance, how can you make sure the amenities you’ll be offering at your forthcoming hotel will be equally as insane as the things you say on the campaign trail?

Always one for answers, regardless of how superficial they may be, Donald Trump has risen to the call of making his commercial dealings as headline grabbing as his political ones with his Trump International Hotel slated to open in Washington, DC, on September 12.

Needless to say, the new property will have many of the kinds of Trump takes on luxury we’ve grown accustomed to including no ceilings lower than 16 feet in all 263 rooms, the city’s largest hotel suite (called the “Trump Townhouse”) and a 10,000-square-foot day spa named after Ivanka Trump.

But probably the most egregious tidbit is that the hotel will offer “wines by the spoon,” allowing patrons to try small tastes of rare and expensive wine offerings. But these won’t be just any spoons: They are literal silver spoons. No, we can’t all be born with a silver spoon in our mouths, but if you’ve picked up enough cash (or credit) over the years, you can pay to have one of Trump’s employees put a silver spoon in your mouth for you.

Whether you consider silver spoons of expensive wine to be a fun way to sample vintages you might otherwise not get a chance to try or a painfully on the nose metaphor that is so gauche it contradicts its own intentions is probably a dividing line as strong as Trump versus Clinton. Either way, it distracts from whatever crazy things people are saying on the campaign trail, so in some ways, everybody wins.

[h/t Yahoo]