By Mike Pomranz
Updated July 27, 2015
© Jake Curtis / Getty Images

You’re a go-getter who knows what he wants and gets it, right? Well, a new study in the UK suggests that might not be the case in the Starbucks line. According to commercial coffee supplier Rijo42, 80 percent of consumers said they didn’t always order exactly what they wanted at the coffee shop because they would be embarrassed by their order or worried they might hold up the line. What’s so embarrassing about wanting ten extra pumps of vanilla?

Turns out those fears might be valid. The study also found that coffee purchasers, at least in Britain, are very judgmental about what other people drink. 52 percent of people said they judge people who place complicated or fussy orders, with a similar percentage thinking that drinks that are too sweet or calorie-laden are worthy of being critiqued.

“There definitely seems to be some coffee snobbery going on in the UK. People admitted they felt uncomfortable placing complicated orders in case someone made a judgement about them based on it, while others felt it might be frowned upon to ask for a weaker coffee, or a decaf version,” said Rijo42 director Luis Nino. “And it’s not just paranoia – it seems we really are making assumptions about people based on their coffee shop order! But that’s despite the fact that the majority of us admit we’re no coffee expert.”

Alas, I’ll admit I am not a statistics expert, but if 80 percent of people are worried about being judged and yet 50 percent of people are judgmental, I’m pretty sure that means at least 30 percent of people are what is scientifically known as “being a goddamn hypocrite.” So if you are ever feeling nervous in the coffee line, know you’re not alone.