Credit: © Tim Mosenfelder / Corbis

It used be that aging alcohol was just that: you just set your booze in a barrel or a tank and let it get older. But much like you use iTunes on all subway rides to avoid the unpleasant situation of being alone with your own thoughts, alcohol too, now requires a constant soundtrack. Back in May, we heard about a brewery that was aging its saison to a non-stop Wu-Tang playlist. Now comes word of a Kentucky distillery that serenades its aging brandy with an eclectic playlist 24 hours-a-day, non-stop.

Louisville’s Copper & Kings distillery makes a number of craft spirits, but brandy is one of their specialties. According to owner Joe Heron, aging brandy – which is required for a minimum of two years – is a delicate process. “It’s a very romantic process. It’s more of a caress,” he told Munchies.

To facilitate that gentle process, Heron uses what he calls “sonic aging,” basically blaring anything with a decent amount of kick to it through a subwoofer that shakes the barrels. “Grain spirits you have to really punch into shape,” he continued. “Brandy you coax, which explains a bit behind the sonic aging process.”

So what kind of tunes are best for aging brandy? Springsteen, Hendrix, Bowie and Lenny Kravitz all get mentioned (Lenny hasn’t earned last name only status like the others have in my book), as do bands like My Morning Jacket and The Doors. Heron even says they’ll play death metal or jazz on occasion .

One time, they celebrated selling their products in Texas by playing some Houston hip-hop for their barrels. Let’s just hope this doesn’t cause an East Coast saison vs. West Coast brandy drinking feud.