By Clara Olshansky
Updated September 04, 2015
Courtesy of Lolo Lids

Drinking in public has never looked so work-friendly. The Lolo Lid is, as far as anyone can tell, just your average white lid for any disposable coffee cup. But, if you look at the bottom side of the lid, you'll notice the snaps: The Lolo Lid grabs hold of your beer can, so that, when placed on a coffee cup, you can totally conceal your brew. Additionally, the space between the can and the cup creates an insulation chamber that will keep your beer nice and cold.

Far be it from us to box in any drink or drinking apparatus with gender norms, but the Lolo Lid has bro written all over it. The creator, Canadian surfer Jerry Mcarthur (who has also backed these penis cards), just wants public drinking to be as easy as it is in Europe. The charmingly lo-fi promotional video shows off the $250 ticket he got for drinking in public as evidence that North America needs Lolo Lid.

The project's Kickstarter runs through September 24. As of right now, Lolo Lid's backers have pledged over $11,000 of its very specific $15,119 goal, and all indications are that it will surpass that number soon.

Mcarthur originally aimed to have the lids publicly available by next February, but, with the huge support the Kickstarter has garnered, he's now hoping to ship by Christmas. And if they hit $100,000, they're going to release a collapsible silicone cup to go with the lid.

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