By Mike Pomranz
Updated September 09, 2015
Credit: Courtesy of Draft Top

The pros of canning beer have been well documented (better protection from light and air, better portability, easier shipping, etc.), but so have the problems with drinking beer out of a can. Slugging down a brew through that tiny opening prevents you from enjoying the full aroma of the beer. A new Kickstarter product thinks it has the solution to this problem.

Draft Top claims it can help with “turning beer cans into pint glasses.” Of course, the device won’t turn your aluminum into glass or your 12-ounce beer into 16-ounces, but what it will do is easily cut off the entire lid of your can, letting you drink out of it like a cup.

The idea of topless beer cans with a “360 lid” isn’t new. Sly Fox Beer became the first American brewery to start using cans where the entire lid comes off back in 2013, and a few other breweries have also tried the new packaging. But Draft Top allows users to remove the top from any can, essentially working like a portable can opener made specifically for beer (and other beverage) cans.

The first question that comes to mind is won’t a sliced open beer can cut my lip? According to the people behind Draft Top, “The splitters … separate the top from the rim by folding the aluminum into itself… When used properly Draft Top maintains the pressed outer rim of the can while leaving no sharp edges at the point of the cut.” Of course, there are other potential concerns, too, like what about all those discarded lids? But I guess there are certainly bigger problems drunk people can cause.

With 28 days to go, the Draft Top campaign is over halfway to its $75,000. You can still grab one of the actual tools by pledging $45 and expect to have your Draft Top by January 2016, assuming they reach their goal—and this pretty cool idea seems to be headed in that direction.

For now, though, I guess you’re just stuck enjoying your canned beer the old-fashioned way: by pouring it into a cup. Oh, the humanity.

[h/t Cnet]