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Credit: © Brian Busche

For most people the fun comes from drinking beer, but Brewed in Chicago—a company that curates the city’s robust craft beer scene—is designing an online game called Craft Your Beer that allows players to design virtual brews. Here’s the real-life bonus: If you win, your beer is then made, bottled and distributed.

Unlike some other attempts at food- and drink-based digital entertainment, Craft Your Beer is relatively simple in that you just select a beer style, ingredients, name and label. We’ll admit that as far as video games go it will probably appeal more to the RPG crowd than fans of first-person shooters, but it’s still a chance for beer lovers with little to no knowledge of the actual brewing process to create a beer of their own.

Anyone can vote to select the four winners on the Brewed in Chicago website and, as with any contest decided by popular vote, a tasty outcome is not guaranteed. Everyone remember cappuccino potato chips? Brian Busche, BIC’s founder and the mastermind behind the game, said, “We will allow players to add unique ingredients of their own. I just hope the person who makes broccoli beer doesn’t have 20,000 Twitter followers.”

If you want to play the game, you can find it on the Brewed in Chicago website in late November or early December. If you want to drink the beers, which will be brewed by Chicago’s Empirical Brewery, you’ll be able to find them at Empirical’s taproom or anywhere in their distribution network.