By Joey Skladany
Updated July 19, 2016
© Tina Rupp

Temperatures are rising and there’s no better way to combat heat stroke than the delicious combination of rum, sugar and citrus. It must be science, right? Not necessarily, but daiquiris sure do taste good and pack an alcoholic punch to keep your mind off of all the sweat. Chill out with these unique recipes and you'll be enjoying the summer sun in no time.

Halekulani Melon Daiquiri (above)

Cantaloupe has always been watermelon’s less attractive cousin, but it’s a standout in this pretty drink with an edible flower.

Caprese Daiquiri

We want to live in a world where mozzarella pairs well with our alcohol. Thanks to this recipe, we can.

Devil’s Island Daiquiri

Math isn’t our forté, but bitters + butter must = better. It's the ingredient combo you never knew you needed, but will now never forget.

Basil Lime Daiquiri

Basil is the word “refreshing” in herb form and this recipe does not disappoint. A big green thumbs up to this drink.

Rhuby Daiquiri

Nothing screams summer more than a strawberry rhubarb pie, so it only makes sense to incorporate rhubarb syrup into summer cocktails.

Hemingway Daiquiri

Easy, breezy, beautiful, Hemingway daiquiri. There’s a reason why this grapefruit juice and maraschino liquer blend has become so famous.

Luau Daiquiri

We’re not quite sure why we don’t use vanilla syrup more often. The beverage may not transport you to Hawaii, but throwing back a few will have you shaking your hips.