By Aly Walansky
Updated June 21, 2016
Amy Eckert

Recently relaxed diplomatic conditions between the United States and Cuba has led to a lot of sweetened situations in hospitality and tourism, but we’re excited to hear our coffee cups will be one of those sweet spots.

Nespresso is bringing back the iconic Cuban coffee for the first time in more than 50 years. With relations improving and the travel ban lifted between the two countries, the US Department of State updated its list of allowed items for import, which includes coffee.


To make the import of Cuban coffee beneficial for all parties, Nespresso is partnering with nonprofit development organization TechnoServe to help support independent coffee growers in Cuba. Cuba harvests about 100,000 60-kg bags of Arabica coffee each year, which is 5 times as much as other coffee heavyweight Jamaica, but trails behind Colombia, who holds the number one spot with a whopping 13.5 million bag harvest.

The brand has had to compete with several other major global brands for these beans, including Starbucks, who told Reuters it has "no plans to import coffee from Cuba at this time."

So what does the coffee actually taste like? According the press release: “Cafecito de Cuba has wood notes. While some wood notes can be flat, these are moist, scented and fresh. There is a smell of cedar and a light caramel finish. As the coffee cools it gains in viscosity and mouth weight.” The new limited-edition Cuban Nespresso Grand Cru, Cafecito de Cuba, will available in the United States starting the fall of 2016.