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Credit: © PepsiCo

Like Surge, Orbitz and Fruitopia, all good sugar-laden '90s drinks must meet their inevitable demise. But if you are Crystal Pepsi, you will rise again. Like a transparent phoenix.

The clear, surprisingly caffeine-free soda hasn’t been on shelves since its brief one-year stint in 1992, but all that’s about to change … today.

After 34,000 people signed a petition requesting its relaunch, Pepsi will be rolling out the product to hundreds of retailers at $1.79 for 20 oz.. That means all soft drink guzzlers who are craving some '90s nostalgia can pick up a bottle or seven to relive the best years of their lives.

No word on how long Crystal Pepsi will last, but all questionable fads like JNCO jeans, Tamagotchis and Furbies clearly die. It's time to stock up before it's too late (or before it comes back again 24 years from now).

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