Credit: © Raudies/ullstein bild via Getty Images

Earlier this month, it sounded like a Crystal Pepsi fan’s dream come true (there are Crystal Pepsi fans out there right?). Not only was Crystal Pepsi making a comeback, but you could get it for free! Yes, Pepsi announced that they’d be giving away 13,000 six-packs to users of the Pepsi Pass app and that the classic soda that hadn’t been made in over two decades would be shipped in time for Christmas.

But what if you didn’t have the Pepsi Pass app? Or what if you entered the sweepstakes and didn’t win? Or what if you missed the sweepstakes entirely? It only lasted two freakin’ days! What gives, Pepsi!

Well, for Crystal Pepsi enthusiasts who fall into one of those categories, life is now an expensive nostalgia nightmare. The bottles already shipped, but not to you, and now you have to resort to buying your Crystal Pepsi on eBay – at a huge markup from the previous price of free.

Looking at the completed listings (as I love to do), a new, single 16-ounce bottle of Crystal Pepsi on eBay is going for anywhere from about $10 to $30, depending on your luck and shipping costs. That’s nearly $50 in 1993 dollars! The only thing worse than those jerks at Pepsi is inflation!

And all of this for a beverage that, let me remind you, is terrible! Seriously, take advice from 13-year-old me and spend that money on something that will go up in value. Like a Ken Griffey Jr Upper Deck rookie card. Unlike Crystal Pepsi that card represents something that was good all the way through the ‘90s.