By Mike Pomranz
Updated June 26, 2017
Credit: © Raudies/ullstein bild via Getty Images

For lovers of vintage soda brands, 2015 was an absolute coup. The Coca-Cola cult classic Surge finally returned store shelves for the first time in over a decade. Though the road since has been bumpy, Clearly Canadian announced the brand was going back into production. And Original New York Seltzer gave sparkling beverage fans the chance to drink the ‘80s all over again.

But in the midst of all this excitement came probably the biggest news of them all: Crystal Pepsi would be coming back too. For months, anticipation was flying high – until it crashed and burned in December when Pepsi announced the details of the limited-time relaunch: The only way to get your hands on the new Crystal Pepsi was to enter a contest through its Pepsi Pass app. Either that or pay exorbitant prices on eBay.

Thankfully, though, it appears Pepsi has seen the error in its ways, and today the company announced it would be bringing Crystal Pepsi back again – for real this time.

Unlike during the soda’s previous return, for summer 2016, the defiantly clear and uncaffeinated cola will actually be available at retail and foodservice locations throughout the US and Canada, meaning you can procure the beverage just as you did in the ‘90s – by going to a store and paying money for it. No app necessary.

That doesn’t, however, mean there isn’t some cheesy digital tie-in. Pepsi announced the soda’s re-release will also feature the July 7 launch of “The Crystal Pepsi Trail,” a clear soda-fied spin on the classic ‘90s video game “The Oregon Trail” that can be played online at Because who doesn’t like their childhood nostalgia accompanied by a corporate tie-in?

20-ounce bottles are set to hit Canada on July 11 and the US on August 8. Once again, Crystal Pepsi is only here for a limited time. Whether that means less time than its ridiculously short original 1992 run is yet to be seen.

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