Credit: © Bompas & Parr LLP

If you’re unlucky you remember the sad days of 2012 when butt chugging came to prominence. For those who successfully blocked the entire episode out of their memories, butt chugging involves getting drunk by putting alcohol-soaked items into questionable places on your body. While a terrible idea, the college fad has nothing on the new Alcoholic Architecture project from Bompas and Parr.

The British masters of odd and fascinating imbibing events like the anatomical whisky tasting created what they call, “the world’s first alcoholic weather system for your tongue.” What that means is that they are using humidifiers to saturate the air with cocktails that they say will actually get you tipsy as you take in alcohol through your lungs and eyes. If a wafting booze cloud seems like too much for you, you can take your drinks in a more conventional way. The event takes place at Borough market, next to the UK’s oldest gothic cathedral so all the ordinary drinking drinks are made by monks—Chartreuse, Benedictine and Trappist beer. Never short on poetic descriptions, Bompas and Parr cofounder Sam Bompas said, “Imagine Disney meets De Sade in Barbarella’s castle by way of Medieval Times with flagons of ale.” If you’ve successfully imagined that, you must be standing in a booze cloud.

And a warning to anyone who is England and ventures out to Borough Market: Be careful if you have to hit the bathroom. Organizers told us it will contain a snake pit with a lavender albino python. Because if there's one thing you need after walking through a literal alcoholic haze, it's an opportunity to step on a python.

Alcoholic Architecture opens on July 29 with tickets currently available through the end of August, and remember, don’t breath and drive.