Credit: © Ikon Images / Alamy

The “beer mile” – a governed competition where competitors drink a beer before every lap of a mile – has gained mainstream acceptance faster than most of us could chug down a 12-ounce minimum 5 percent ABV brew (the required drinking for an “official” time). Even major sports publications like ESPN and Runner’s World cover beer mile events.

Last week, the latter of those publications caught up with Elvira Montes, an 81-year-old grandmother of three from Fort Worth who had just become the oldest woman to ever officially complete a beer mile. (Gerald Defrank, the only person older than Montes to complete one of the events, did it when he was 93.)

Running at the 2015 FloTrack Beer Mile World Championships in Austin, Texas, and drinking KCCO Gold Lager from Resignation Brewery, Montes crossed the finish line in 20 minutes, 24 seconds – a full 50 seconds faster than her daughter. Her son-in-law didn’t even finish.

“I should have been a little faster,” she told Runner’s World. “I tried to drink the first one really fast but I couldn’t. The second one went down really smooth; the third, even better. The fourth was alright.”

Apparently, Montes doesn’t even like beer; her drink of choice is Chivas Regal. Still, the experienced runner had an ulterior motive: “I just wanted to prove to my daughter that I could run and drink beer,” she said. Now those are my kind of ambitions.