By Noah Kaufman
Updated June 10, 2016
Credit: © LOLIWARE

Summer is meant for picnics and various other outdoor drinking activities. An issue for all those activities: What you do with the disposable cups? No one likes dragging a garbage bag full of red Solo cups out of the park and you certainly don’t want to be that guy who fills a public trash can to overflowing. Enter Loliware: Cups you can eat. And the best part about them is that they actually taste like something. They come in four flavors: Vanilla bean, matcha, yuzu citrus and tart cherry.

The cups are made primarily of seaweed along with some sweeteners and other natural flavors and even if you don’t want to eat your cup (although, given the option, why would you not want to?) they function as well as a non-edible plastic version. Also, whatever you don’t eat can still be put to good use: It takes 60 days for the cups to breakdown in compost.

While the cups launched a little over a year ago, their creators, Chelsea Briganti and Leigh Ann Tucker ended up on Shark Tank back in the fall and managed to get an offer from Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran for 25 percent of the company.

Currently the best way to get your hands on a set is via the Loliware website, but if you’re going to shift to edible beverageware, know this: That shift won’t come cheap. A four-pack of any flavor will run you $16, and, obviously these are single use items. But come on, what are you going to do at your next outdoor party? Drink that old fashioned out of your cupped hands?