By Noah Kaufman
Updated March 30, 2016
Credit: Credit: Gina Ferazzi

Over the last several years, more than one startup has tried to provide a more customized craft coffee experience. Typically that experience takes the form of a subscription service that allows coffee lovers to select hard to come by beans or even predictive algorithms that will figure what type of coffee you’ll like. But a recently funded Kickstarter is extending the customized coffee experience to include almost every facet from roast to grind to packaging.

Doers Coffee, which, as of this writing had exceeded its funding goal by more than $6000, wants to be your personal coffee roaster—all of you. Using their app or website you can choose where you want your beans to come from, whether you want single origin or a blend and the specific temperature and time of the roast. Doers will also grind the beans to your preferred consistency or pack them into K-cups or Nespresso-compatible pods for you. We’re all aware of the environmental problems caused by coffee pods though, so you can take on that moral baggage at your own risk.

Doers calls themselves “The World’s First Digital 100 Percent Bespoke Roastery,” which sounds a bit like a jumble of buzzwords Erlich Bachman would drop in a Silicon Valley pitch meeting, but the concept and customization are interesting ideas and for those of us who haven’t dropped the money on a home roaster and haven’t yet perfected the oven method, Doers services could be a good way to exert a little additional control over your coffee drinking experience.

The Kickstarter runs until April 14 and currently you can pick up a bag of beans or 20 individual pods set to ship next month for a contribution of $15.