Credit: © Oak Bottle

Oaking wine or spirits tends to create a richer, deeper flavor. And until now it has been impossible to do this without a massive barrel and a entire year (at least) to spare. A new product lets you impart that oaky flavor on even the cheapest bottle in your cabinet. The Oak Bottle is a 750ml vessel that takes the magic of barrel aging and condenses both the equipment and time involved by infusing wines and spirits with oak character in less time that it takes to mail a letter. To use the Oak Bottle, fill it with your libation of choice, let it rest for 24-48 hours. Then pour and drink up.

Now, granted, we can't recall ever tasting a wine and thinking "this is nice, but it needs more OAK." Plenty of cheap wines are subjected to shortcutty techniques such as oak chipping, and the effect is often rather gross. Makers of quality wines and spirits use wood aging judiciously and carefully to create balanced flavors. There's also oxidation to consider: Any cheap bottle of wine is going to be noticeably dulled two days removed from its original sealed container. So it's unlikely that a quick stint in a tiny oak vessel is going to have brilliant results, but this does seem like a fun tool for drink tinkerers to experiment with. We can imagine a Manhattan mixture picking up some nice woody notes.

Each bottle lasts up to 50 uses, and for lighter nights, a 355ml option is available as well. The original sells for $80, and additional variants with notes of vanilla, cherry, citrus, or coffee are all available for $90 on the company’s website.