By Mike Pomranz
Updated October 09, 2015
© Roger Bamber / Alamy Stock Photo

2016 sounds like it could be a fun year for students at Colorado State University. By August, the school is hoping to open not one, but two breweries on campus—with one of the facilities planned for the basement of the student center.

The additions aren’t intended to fuel stereotypical college keggers: Instead, they’ll have educational value, giving students in CSU’s Fermentation Science and Technology degree program somewhere to work on their drinkinkable homework. Currently, students work with brewing equipment at home, during internships, on the job or on a small brewing system donated from the Odell Brewing Company. That half-barrel brew house is “essentially a glorified home-brewing system,” Jeff Callaway, director of industry outreach for CSU’s program, told the Coloradoan, explaining why his school needs to upgrade. “This isn’t a home-brewing program, and it’s important that the equipment we have is reflective of what’s in the industry.”

CSU launched their brewing program back in 2013. If things go according to plan, next year students won’t only be brewing beer, but also drinking student-made beer as well. One of the 20 taps in the bar in the student center is slated to serve up beer brewed in the new brewing facility housed in the same building. “That’s huge,” CSU’s director of business and dining services Robert Peters was quoted as saying. “What greater experience can you present to a potential employer than to say, ‘I did my course work, I did my lab work and I also created a beverage that sold.’”

Hey, college kids are going to drink. They might as well be helping someone’s education by doing it, right?