Credit: Courtesy of Big Choice Brewing

When it comes to beer, at least, the can is the most hip packaging out there right now. Everyone is putting their products into cans, it seems. But for Colorado’s Big Choice Brewing, simply being in cans isn’t enough. They decided they wanted to stand out in the growing canned category.

Enter the Xolution, a German company that markets a unique type of resealable can with what they call the “XO” lid. Of course, your typical aluminum can isn’t resealable at all. Once it’s open, it’s Miller Time. Some larger brands have been selling beer in aluminum containers with a twist off lid that can be resealed, but come on—those cans are cheating. They’re basically bottles. The “XO” lid allows a can to be a can: Instead of a push tab, these lids have a sliding plastic piece that pops up and into place, but then can also be popped down to re-close the can and keep it from spilling or losing more carbonation.

You may have seen this type of lid before on energy drinks or on Miller beers in Russia, but Big Choice believes they are the first beer brand using the 19.2-ounce container in the U.S. “We tried it last year on one of our Hemlock Double IPAs. It sealed really well and held up for quite a while,” Big Choice's Andrea Miller told Westword. “I don't know any other brewery that is using this type of lid.”

Finally, a truly re-closable can. What a future we live in. If only my grandfather could see us now. He’d probably say, “Seal that can back up! It’s not even 5 p.m. yet!”