By Mike Pomranz
Updated March 01, 2016
© scanrail/Getty Images

Taking crazy caffeinated products to get through strenuous academic times is as much a college rite of passage as never attending your 8am lecture, realizing your meal plan is a scam, or discovering you can take classes pass/fail.

But up in Vermont at Middlebury College they have decided that at least one type of caffeinated beverage should no longer be sold to hard-studying and, more specifically, hard-partying students. College officials announced that they will ban on-campus sales of energy drinks like Red Bull, siding with saying that the beverages contribute to “problematic behavior” including abuse of “intoxicating” substances like alcohol and “high-risk sexual activity.”

“We're not ‘banning’ or ‘forbidding’ anything. We've simply made a decision to stop selling these products in our own stores,” Middlebury news director Stephen Diehl clarified to CNN. “Students — or faculty or staff for that matter — are still free to drink these beverages if they wish, and there are plenty of places in our town where they can be purchased. We just don't want to encourage or contribute to their consumption.” Um, if you could be more specific with those places in your next statement, Stephen, that would be really helpful.

Still, though the ban might not be as far reaching as it seems, some people on campus still weren’t happy with the decision. “There are more important things for them to address,” one student told NBC News. “And what do energy drinks have to do with sexual activity?”

What do they have to do with sexual activity? Who knows? And I say that seriously. While energy drinks have been associated with risky sexual behavior, scientists haven’t proven a direct link. Regardless, the ban looks like it will take full effect. So if you want a Red Bull up in Middlebury you’ll have to go to the Walgreen’s like a real adult. Consider it life training.