Flavors include coconut, vanilla, and gingerbread. Collagen.

The word collagen may still call to mind the image of injections that puff your lips up so large that you can barely speak, but it's really just a protein that all of us have in our skin. Still, we're a little bit dubious of the idea of adding 10 grams of pure collagen to your coffee every morning. But that's exactly what Collagen Creamer by Vital Proteins wants to do. We've seen collagen-infused alcohol before—beer, gin, and martinis—but something about the idea of putting 10 grams (which, for reference, is how much nine gummy bears weigh) of collagen right into your daily coffee is a little dubious.

According to Vital Proteins, the creamer will boost your energy, be a great source of protein, and help maintain your skin, hair, and nails. The skin benefits are definitely the ones we most immediately associate with collagen, and, sure enough, Vital Proteins says that their collagen products were created "to nourish those who seek a life without limits and a path to natural, youthful vibrancy."

Flavors include coconut, vanilla, and gingerbread. All flavors are made with coconut milk powder, collagen peptides, organic bamboo shoot extract, and organic acacia powder, plus relevant flavorings, so it's dairy- and gluten-free. The creamer has 140 calories per two scoops, with just one gram of sugar.

Know that the benefits of collagen haven't been proven yet. Also, the amount of collagen that using the Collagen Creamer daily would give you is kind of ridiculous, so you should be aware of possible side effects: people who have taken collagen supplements have reported "hypercalcemia, constipation, bone pain, fatigue, abnormal heart rhythms, and hypersensitivity to allergens or food." (Hypercalcemia is when you have too much calcium, which can cause all kinds of problems.)

Even if you don't have an adverse health reaction, you'll probably have an adverse bank account reaction. Vital Proteins' Collagen Creamer cost $29 for 12 servings, making each serving come out to $2.41, which is probably more than the cup of coffee itself. If you're into that kind of thing, you can order the Collagen Creamer here.