By Mike Pomranz
Updated December 14, 2015
Credit: © EYESITE / Alamy

The benefits of red wine and coffee are together at last! No, it’s not a coffee that gets you drunk (the Irish already came up with that, or at least lent their name to it). Instead, an organic chemist claims he’s created a cup of joe that has the added benefits of resveratrol.

University of New Hampshire’s Glen Miller has figured out a way to infuse Arabica beans with resveratrol – the antioxidant found in red wine that is constantly getting press for its supposed health benefits. Now, thanks to the help of a start-up incubator, Miller’s invention is hitting the market under the product name “CoffVee.”

“We are thrilled to offer the widely accepted health benefits of red wine to consumers with each and every cup of CoffVee,” said Miller, according to Seacoastonline. Miller, who still chairs the Chemistry Department at the University of New Hampshire in Durham is now also the founder, president and CTO of Vera Roasting Company who sells the new product.

Miller says his patented process, which he describes as a first for the coffee industry, gives each cup of coffee the same amount of resveratrol as a glass of wine, all without altering the caffeinated favorite’s flavor. He said he choose coffee primarily because people already drink so much of it. “In the end, coffee was the best choice,” he said, citing how the average coffee drinker already consumes over three cups a day.

Good luck finding CoffVee though. Despite just launching last week, supposedly the first batch of the beans has already sold out. Whatever. I’ll just continue drinking three glasses of red wine a day to get my resveratrol instead.