By Noah Kaufman
Updated August 25, 2016
Credit: © Josh Renouf

We come across a lot of cool prototype designs here at FWx, but the unfortunate thing about a lot of them is that they never get out of the prototype phase. For well over a year now that looked to be the case with what, in our opinion, may be the world’s greatest alarm clock—the Barisieur. We first found the handsome coffee brewing time piece back in the summer of 2014 and according to its designer Joshua Renouf, actual production of the Barisieur was “coming soon.” Production continued to be "coming soon" for almost two years with little word on when it might actually happen. But now the Barisieur team has turned to Kickstarter to finally help them bring the product to market.

For those who missed the Barisieur the first time it buzzed around the Internet and haven’t spent the last two years checking for updates on Renouf’s website, here’s how the clock works: The alarm is connected to an induction burner that heats water in a sealed vessel to precisely 94 degrees Celsius (201 Fahrenheit). Steam pressure forces the water through a tube in the vessel and out into a steel filter filled with your ground coffee of choice to brew one cup of perfect pourover coffee whose aroma will wake you up every morning. It’s also guaranteed to look better than whatever crappy digital clock you picked up from the sale bin at Bed Bath & Beyond.

In the first couple days alone the campaign brought in over $150,000. By the end of the campaign it comfortably raised over $500,000 and now has turned to Indiegogo to continue raising money even as the clock/brewers are available for preorder. The massive funding number Renouf and his team targeted, also makes us optimistic that this won’t become one of those notorious, failed crowdfunding campaigns. By asking for over half a million dollars it makes the Barisieur team look like a serious business as opposed to some college kid who took a viral picture and decided it could be worth a million dollars. It also indicates they’ve probably spent quite a bit of time over the last couple years figuring out exactly how much money they need to get this off the ground.

All that is good news for people who want to contribute the required $387 to get their Barisieur as early backers. Ship dates aren’t scheduled until summer 2017, but hey, at least there’s a date you can put on the calendar now.