It’s Monday and you're in need of something to keep you from counting down until Friday, 5 p.m. So it’s a perfect time to start your work week with a cute little video about coffee and… ahem… poop.

Discovery News recently posted this fun, short clip that takes a mere 80 seconds to explain why it’s imperative that every Starbucks has a bathroom. No, it’s not because vagrants need to brush their teeth too. It’s because for many people, coffee causes them to poop. Sometimes in as few as four minutes!

The video provides some fun science about the digestive system. But it also reveals this shocking statistic: Only 23 percent of coffee drinkers experience this phenomenon. Really? Who are these other 77 percent of people out there who can chug a hot cup of joe without sprinting to the restroom?

Next up, I’d like to see Discovery News tackle “Beer and Pee Are Frenemies.”