By Mike Pomranz
Updated October 03, 2014
Credit: Photo Composite: Lucas Allen; Jon Helgason / AlamyHotel Inselloft Norderney

Everyone knows mixed drinks come with a hefty markup. No one’s delusional enough to think that paying $12 for a Manhattan sounds like a bargain when you know you can go to the liquor store and pick up an entire bottle of perfectly acceptable Rittenhouse Rye for around double that.

However, just how steep are those price tags? The good people over at Quartz have created a handy cocktail calculator specifically to answer that question. Simply find your drink of choice in a drop-down menu, select your preferred brand of spirits, and – voila – learn just how much you’re overpaying.

Quartz references Serious Eats in saying that, typically, the actual ingredients of a drink make up about one-fifth of the final menu cost. (That’s a 400 percent markup for you non-mathematicians.) I gave my drink of choice -- the margarita – a go and found that making a solid marg costs about four bucks, which, by four times markup standards, means paying anything less than $20 is a bargain!

Obviously, a lot more goes into running a bar than simply jacking up the price on booze and rolling around in a pile of cash. There are plenty of bills to be paid and sky-high insurance to cover all the things you drunk idiots are bound to do. Also note: dive bars with cheap booze famously pool lots more money than high-end cocktail establishments where each drink takes time, the scale is reduced and the atmosphere has to be kept up. Still, seeing the base cost of drinks is interesting and might inspire you do get a lot more interested in at-home mixology.