By Joey Skladany
Updated November 02, 2016
Credit: © Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Australia may be known for its beautiful beaches, abundance of kangaroos and sexy accents, but not many of us know about the country's obsession with ginger.

The sneaky folks at Coca-Cola do though. And they decided to launch a limited run of what they describe as a "trending flavour."

The soda's latest variation – its first since vanilla's debut in 2002 – is said to taste like a combination of Coke and ginger beer. For Americans planning to eat their body weight in turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes, its exclusivity to Oz is a travesty – ginger is the best ailment for an upset stomach.

Reviews on social media have varied, but the most common complaint is the subtlety of spice and, shockingly, ginger flavor. Perhaps it has something to do with the concoction's lack of ginger as an ingredient.

Enjoy your ginger Coke, Australia. We'll stick with actual ginger beer for the time being.