By Mike Pomranz
Updated December 03, 2014
© Fairlife

Amid tanking soda sales and growing health concerns over added sugar in juice and energy drinks, Coca-Cola has found a new beverage to sell you: milk.

But this isn’t just any milk. Fairlife is Coca-Cola’s brand of “ultra-filtered milk” containing “50% more natural protein, 30% more natural calcium and 50% less sugar than ordinary milk.” Yes, it’s made from real milk from real cows, but then it’s filtered to remove fat and sugar. The result is a product that the company claims will be “sold at a similar price to value-added milks, like organic, lactose-free, etc.”

Early indications are that it’s actually quite popular. When NPR visited a store in one of the test markets in Minnesota, they found that it was hard to keep on the shelves. It probably doesn’t hurt that the Coca-Cola name isn’t front and center on the bottle. When people think healthy drinks, Coke isn’t usually at the front of their minds.

But even though it’s selling well, the milk isn’t without some controversy. It recently garnered some negative attention when a series of ads that some deemed as sexist went viral. The ads are an homage to pinup campaigns of the mid-20th century, showing models wearing nothing but some strategically placed milk. Showing beautiful people wearing little to no clothing is not exactly a new strategy in the world of advertising, but it is a far cry from “Milk, It Does a Body Good.”

Right now the milk is only available in Minneapolis, Denver and Illinois, but it will launch nationwide in 2015.