By Mike Pomranz
Updated February 16, 2016
Courtesy of the Republican National Convention

It’s a common question in politics: Which candidate would you most want to have a beer with? But while picking which candidate best fits that bill might be difficult, picking the beer just got a lot easier—at least on the Republican side. A brewery in Cleveland, home to this year’s Republican National Convention, has announced they are brewing a special beer in honor of the event.

To help showcase Cleveland’s beer scene, Cleveland-based regional grocery chain Heinen’s teamed up with the city’s Platform Beer Company to hold a beer festival in advance of the Republican convention this July. The one-day event will be called the “Republic Can” convention, featuring 50 different canned beers in honor of the 50 states—though unlike the actual RNC event, all 50 states won’t be represented. “As opposed to 50 different breweries, we'll do 20 breweries with two-plus beers each,” Ed Thompkins of Heinen’s told At least they got a good pun out of it.

In addition, Platform will brew a special, still-unnamed canned beer specifically in celebration of the Republican National Convention. Currently the beer has no announced name or recipe, but according to Paul Benner, one of Platform’s owners: The can will have a red, white and blue “patriotic design.” And to truly make it primary appropriate, I’m guessing none of its ingredients will be illegally imported from Mexico.

The crazy canned beer party is slated to take place at the downtown Cleveland Heinen’s on July 9, more than a week before the start of the Republican National Convention on July 18. But Platform says it’s making 300 cases of the brew, so hopefully something will still be left come convention time to help all those supporters of non-nominated candidates who need to drown their sorrows. I’m looking in your direction, Team Ben Carson.