Credit: Courtesy of Cheerwine

Look how far this country has come. If you’ve ever had the strange desire to consume your favorite classic doughnut in liquid form, you’re officially in luck. North Carolina-based Cheerwine soda has combined forces with Krispy Kreme to develop Cheerwine Kreme — a soda with a hint of Krispy Kreme’s Original Glazed doughnut flavor.

For those interested in sampling what sounds like it must be diabetes in a bottle, the soft drink will be available in major grocery chains and select convenience stores in North Carolina, South Carolina and parts of Georgia.

Southern fans of the brands may also remember their collaboration in 2010 with the Cheerwine-filled Krispy Kreme donut. “When Cheerwine and Krispy Kreme come together, great flavor collisions happen,” says Joy Ritchie Harper, Cheerwine’s head of marketing in a press release. “We worked hard in our ‘labs’ perfecting the taste, ensuring that Cheerwine Kreme will delight our loyal fans while attracting new consumers through a deliciously unique flavored soft drink.”

No word on whether or not the drink tastes better when hot. You'll probably have to ask this guy: