By Adam Campbell-Schmitt
Updated March 17, 2016
Credit: Courtesy of Champagne Gun

Sure, you can feel you’re fancy by popping some Champagne corks and letting it spray everywhere like you’re at an indulgent, Gatsby-era soirée. But what if you want to take your celebrations to a near-violent level? That's where the Champagne Machine Gun has you covered. Instead of simply toasting or shaking up a bottle, you can aim the fun at any fellow reveler with point-and-shoot precision. What I'm saying is it's basically a Super Soaker with a Champagne bottle tank.

The first of it's kind novelty item works like a giant squirt gun and will set you back $459 (bubbly not included). The gun takes magnum-sized bottles only and comes in gold, rose gold and chrome finishes. Get ready to see these bad boys making appearances on unaffordable boats in hip hop videos in the very near future. Of course, it's not a completely frivolous waste of your Cristal; a spout below the barrel allows for easy pouring in addition to spraying.

Now I dare you to listed to this Oasis song with out changing the lyrics to "a Champagne Super-Soaker in the sky…."