Cardboard Beer Bottles

Screw the whole bottles vs. cans debate. Beer giant Carlsberg is hoping the future of beer packaging will be cardboard.

The Danish brewing company has announced plans to attempt to bring a fully biodegradable beer bottle to market within the next three years. The “Green Fiber Bottle,” as they have dubbed it, will be constructed from sustainably sourced wood fiber or paper pulp. Even the cap is anticipated to be all-natural.

“It will be a new look and feel. It will be non-transparent, non-breakable and with a visible fiber structure,” Håkon Langen, Carlsberg's senior packaging innovation manager, told Quartz.

Beyond biodegradability, the new packaging would have other benefits as well. It will be lighter than glass, which has shipping as well as consumer benefits. And Langen claims fiber-based bottles would stay cold longer than glass bottles—though he doesn’t explain how.

Carlsberg claims the new bottle will be able to do all of this without affecting taste. Though it may affect what your holier-than-thou hippie friend continually scolds you about after they’ve had four cardboard-packaged beers.

[h/t Eater]