By Mike Pomranz
Updated December 14, 2016
weed water
Credit: © Liu Qian / EyeEm / Eric O'Connell / Getty Images

Stoners searching for a permanent solution to cottonmouth may finally have their answer: Just when you thought the world had run out of things to infuse into water, a company called Puration has announced it will begin producing water infused with CBD, one of the active cannabinoids found in marijuana.

Sadly for those looking to get a buzz on, Puration’s EVERx CBD Infused Bottled Water won’t get you high as it lacks marijuana’s primary psychoactive compound THC. However, the new product does suggest a number of other potential benefits outside of simply keeping you hydrated – and interestingly, the brand doesn’t appear to be targeting your traditional clichéd couch potato pot smoker, instead promoting this infused water as “the premier CBD sports beverage” that “athletes trust!” That’s right: Throw out all those other CBD-infused waters that athletes are skeptical of.

“CBD is an ideal component of a pre and post workout regime,” the company wrote in a press release. “CBD works as an anti-inflammatory and relieves muscle spasms. CBD also works to relieve pain. CBD protects the heart, lungs and brain. Often essential when it comes to high intensity and competitive training, CBD reduces nausea, increases appetite and aides sleep. Ongoing research continues in regard to CBD as a treatment for sports related head trauma.” Alright, sure, but how does it fare in a drug test?

Despite not getting you high, according to Eater, this merging of cannabis and H20 can only be sold in states where recreational marijuana is currently legal though the company itself hasn’t yet specified where EVERx CBD Infused Bottled Water will be available, only stating that a first order has been placed for 300 cases, set for delivery in the first quarter of 2017, and that the company “anticipates $1 million in EVERx CBD Infused Bottled Water sales” next year, eventually including two additional flavors. As long as they taste better than bong water, this stuff could catch on: You need water to live, and though it’s somewhat less essential to our survival, people seem pretty keen on marijuana as well.