Credit: © EYESITE / Alamy

What started as a bizarre fad may now take over the country, one coffee shop at a time. Bulletproof, the company that popularized “butter coffee” to the United States, has reportedly secured $9 million in funding to start opening a chain of Bulletproof coffee shops.

Bulletproof is actually not just coffee with butter in it; the company claims it’s an entire lifestyle. Their website claims to be “the number one resource to supercharge your body, upgrade your brain and be bulletproof.” But their “blended drink made of Upgraded Coffee blended together with grass-fed unsalted butter and Brain Octane Oil” is definitely a big part of who they are, and to the uninitiated, a huge part of the brand’s identity. So opening coffee shops makes a lot of sense – even though the company sells a whole range of products from books to supplements to other food products.

Unfortunately, for Bulletproof lovers or people who can’t wait to jump on the growing trend, besides the first shop in Santa Monica, California, the locations all remain up in the air. Founder Dave Asprey told Quartz they’re considering the Los Angeles area, San Francisco, Seattle and generally “anything west of the Mississippi.”

I guess for now, you’re stuck blending your own butter in your coffee. And making your own Brain Octane Oil from scratch. There must be a recipe somewhere.

[h/t Fortune]