Credit: © James Boardman / Alamy Stock Photo

Budweiser is probably the best recognized beer brand in America. This summer, it is hoping to hammer that image home by replacing the name “Budweiser” on its labels with the word “America.” If you’ve ever wanted to get drunk off America, this could be your big chance.

According to Ad Age, Anheuser-Busch InBev, makers of Budweiser, has already sought approval for the change from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trader Bureau. The phrase “King of Beers” will also be replaced by “E Pluribus Unum” and the phrase “indivisible since 1776” will be added. You’ll have to be careful not to accidentally stick bottles of Budweiser in your wallet.

Though A-B InBev had no comment on the potential label change, it’s possible other brewers might be unhappy that the brand has decided to go ahead make itself synonymous with our entire country. If anything, I feel like that honor should go to McDonald’s. Though as a patriot, I’d probably rather see our nation aligned with a beer brand than a burger chain.

Despite the campaign seeming a bit on the nose, there is something fun about being able to use phrases like “Hey, toss me another America!” or “Who wants to chug an America with me?” or “Actually, I’m more a fan of Europe if you have any of those in the cooler?”