Credit: © FPG / Getty Images

For many of us, getting through our yearly tax preparation appointments requires a good, stiff drink (or six), and one Brooklyn bar has found a way to streamline the process.

Yours Sincerely, a cocktail bar that recently opened in Bushwick, has an in-house accountant available on select nights during the month of February. Shane Mason, a CPA, will be available Sundays from 6 to 10 p.m., Monday 8 to 10 p.m. and Tuesday 8 to 10 p.m. Included in his fee of $135 an hour is also a glass of any one of the bar’s cocktails. If your taxes are really complicated—or depressing—you may find yourself wanting several more, though. "Doing taxes is a boring affair, this makes it a little more fun. And you'll be in the right place to celebrate your big return or drown your sorrows!” says Julian Mohamed, owner of Yours Sincerely.

Just don’t drink so much that you aren’t learning something during the process. You may as well know where all your money is going. "Most people are uniformed about the US tax system and when April 15 (or whatever) starts knocking on the door it can be overwhelming," said Shane Mason, CPA. "I don't think they should have to pay $500 just to get in the door at a major firm or waste hours of their precious free time to try and figure out a software program. Taxes aren't scary and by meeting in a comfortable place to chat over a beer I will be able to provide expert financial guidance without a hefty price tag—eliminating the fear that comes with tax season.”

And don’t worry: The accountant won’t be joining you in libations until the taxes are done. Mason will be working by appointment, which can be booked by emailing or