By Noah Kaufman
Updated May 07, 2015
Credit: © Fizzics, Inc

If you want to have the best beer experience possible, you should probably get your beer on draft. Not that you can’t drink great beers out of cans and bottles, but drinking draft beer provides a much richer experience. A properly poured head, the primary asset of draft beer, adds aroma, flavor and texture.

A new gadget claims it can take any bottled, canned or growlered beer and give it all those draft qualities. Interestingly, it manages to pull off that feat without any carbon dioxide—a key ingredient for almost any home kegging operation.

Fizzics, the home tap invented by some beer geeks from the Northeast, actually uses sound waves to create a perfect head for a pint. It uses the waves to divide larger bubbles in beer into tiny ones to provide a totally controlled pour. An early test found that it could provide the sort of creamy two- to three-inch head you can usually only get from something like a Guinness for any beer.

Fizzics will retail for $199, but early contributors to their crowdfunding campaign can pick one up for $119. Cheaper than a kegerator or a more complicated contraption like a Synek to be sure, but still quite a bit more expensive than simply pouring your beer carefully.

But for the hardcore beer geeks or just early tech adopters who want to start tapping their bottles and cans can check out the Fizzics website here.