By Mike Pomranz
Updated May 17, 2016
Credit: Courtesy of Phillips Brewing & Malting Co.

Beer is kickass. Eagles are kickass. A can of beer delivered by an eagle’s talons would probably be the most kickass thing ever! So the Canadian brewery Phillips Brewing and Malting Company came up with a plan: Let’s promote our new Pilsner with exactly that… a contest where the winner gets their new beer delivered to them by a live eagle.

As crazy as the idea sounds, Phillips was able to get their ducks (or should I say “eagles”) in a row. They partnered with a local conservationist group called Pacific Northwest Raptors who agreed to use one of its trained eagles to deliver the beer, hoping that the stunt would also raise awareness for eagle conservation. And the brewery agreed that, for the sake of the bird, the delivery wouldn’t be further than a kilometer. With that taken care of, they even set up their promotional website: – a domain you wish you owned.

But there was one problem: the government. According to ABC News, British Columbia’s Ministry of Forest, Lands and Natural Resource Operations stepped in to stop the idea because the PNR’s permit doesn’t allow the use of eagles for delivery: Only bird abatement or educational flight demonstrations are allowed at their facility.

Since they are Canadians, PNR’s operations manager Robyn Radcliffe was very polite about the hiccup. “They're doing due diligence, ensuring that we're adhering to our permit conditions which is what they're meant to do,” said Radcliffe. “So I'm not frustrated, I think it's just a very reasonable response to something that we haven't had the opportunity to talk more about.” So damn polite!

For his part, brewery owner Matt Phillips said he hopes to work out an agreement with officials and still proceed with the beer delivery as scheduled on June 5. Here’s a possible argument he can use in his defense: proving that an eagle can deliver a can of beer sounds really damn educational to me.