BrewDog Brewery Brings Back Rare 55% ABV Beer at Just $20,000 Per Bottle

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When Scotland's BrewDog originally unveiled its purposefully outlandish beer The End of History back in 2010 the over-the-top beverage provoked plenty of discussion. At the time, the brewery billed EoH as "the world's strongest and world's most expensive beer." Though those particular titles are always up for debate, BrewDog certainly tried is damnedest, ratcheting up the ABV to 55 percent and charging an eye-popping £500 to £700 per bottle. As an added bonus, each one of the 12 bottles came stuffed inside its own unique piece of taxidermy – featuring seven dead stoats, four squirrels and one hare in total. The bottles sold out in four hours.

Now, BrewDog has announced the beer is coming back, and though the absurd ABV is still the same, the price has been upped significantly… about 3,000 percent higher. According to Money, this time around End of History will sell for $20,000 per bottle, but the buyers will get more than just taxidermy for the price tag. Sure, each bottle will still be stuffed inside its own dead animal; however, buyers will also get an equity stake in BrewDog as part of the brewery's latest "Equity Punk" crowdfunding campaign, an attempt to raise $50 million to open a new brewery stateside in Columbus, Ohio.

The return of End of History was inspired by some recent legal tweaks in Ohio. The state recently made headlines by axing its ABV restriction on beers, opening up the opportunity for brewers in OH to finally make high gravity concoctions over 12 percent – the state's former limit. BrewDog decided to take this new rule and run with it, announcing that the first beer to be brewed in the forthcoming Columbus facility would be none other than End of History.

"We've definitely seen a boost in the number of Equity Punk shareholders coming on board since we announced that the first beer we will be brewing in our US brewery will be The End of History," said BrewDog co-founder James Watt. "Craft beer lovers in America have shown that they want to join us on the crazy ride that lies ahead. We wouldn't have a US brewery without our investors, and we want to celebrate by giving them access to something extra exclusive that you just can't get your hands on any other way."

The good news for people looking to drop $20,000 just to score one of the rare beers: Though the brewery is hoping to raise $50 million in the campaign, that's just the target. BrewDog plans to open the Ohio facility regardless of whether it hits that goal or not – meaning investors will get their squirrel-stuffed beers no matter what. Or at least that's good news assuming you don't wake up from an all-night bender saying, "I spent HOW MUCH on a beer last night?!?"

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