Credit: © Pictorial Press Ltd / Alamy

Still trying to fill the void in your life since the finale of Breaking Bad? A pop-up bar in London is trying to help.

Starting this July, the bar ABQ – named after Walter White’s hometown of Albuquerque – promises to bring a true Breaking Bad cocktail experience to London. For just £30 a person, around 20 people get to cram into a converted RV where an expert mixologist will help you “cook” your own cocktail. No details are provided on how literally that term is intended to be taken. But creator Seb Lyall told the Telegraph it will be a “unique experience.”

According to the Standard, the bar will be open for about three month after its undetermined launch date, with patrons rotating through the space in two hour sessions that will include two cocktails with the entrance price. The space is also “expected to feature gas masks, smoke and equipment familiar from your chemistry classes.”

According to ABQ’s website, tickets will be released on a first come, first serve basis. But good luck on securing yours. The site also states that, as of this writing, over 18,000 people have already signed up. No spoilers, but we may end up seeing a series finale-like showdown outside the bar for people trying to get in.