By Mike Pomranz
Updated February 11, 2016
© Pictorial Press Ltd / Alamy

People often knock Hollywood for its lack of creativity, focusing on sequels and reboots and turning TV shows into movies and vice versa. But recently, it’s seemed like the culinary world is the one doing all the rebooting, opening restaurants and bars with themes lifted straight from the world of entertainment. Just yesterday, we got news of a The Big Lebowski-themed restaurant opening in Iowa. Last month, a George Costanza-themed bar opened in Australia. Now, there’s news that Brooklyn is getting a Breaking Bad-inspired coffee shop.

Walter’s Coffee Roastery has already had having a successful run in Istanbul. Now, owner Deniz Kosan wants to bring the concept to the Big Apple, telling Grub Street that he’s already looking to sign the paperwork on a location in the hip Brooklyn neighborhood of Williamsburg.

He insists that his planned coffee shop, much like his current one in Turkey, “isn't a theme park, but a unique coffee shop with just hints of the TV show.” His biggest concern, he says, is making it a great coffee shop first. We want people to feel comfortable sitting and working as long as they want.” Hopefully that means the Wi-Fi is strong enough to binge watching your favorite TV show… whatever that might be.

Kosan says he originally tried to open Walter’s in New York, but had to take the idea to Istanbul after an investor dropped out. Now that he’s had a taste of success, he’s already got bigger plans, setting his sights on more New York locations and even a few shops across the country. Swap out methamphetamines for caffeine and you can even see some similarities to Walter White. And, ironically, just like Walter, one of Kosan’s biggest issues could end up being the legal system. “We tried not to use any official things from the TV show,” he said. Better call Saul.