Credit: @bernulia, Giulia Bernardelli

For most of us, spilling coffee is the worst part of our morning. For Italian artist Giulia Bernadelli, it's an opportunity. Bernadelli makes beautiful, whimsical scenes from spilled coffee, espresso, chocolate, ice cream, honey, and more. Her Instagram bio cites the Miles Davis quote "My future starts when I wake up every morning. Every day I find something creative to do with my life," and Bernadelli takes that literally. Her creativity begins each day with her morning caffeine fix.

“When I drink coffee, I reflect on the nuances that I could create if I flipped it on the table. At breakfast, I can imagine the footprints left by a cat who walked into the jam,"Bernadelli told Huffington Post France. That creative vision comes through in spades. Bernadelli has recreated some of the wonder-filled movies from you childhood like Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, and Mickey Mouse. As well as recognizable portraits of cultural icons, including the Beatles, Yoko, Alfred Hitchcock, Amelie, and more. Not afraid of mixing art and politics, Bernadelli even posted this Je Suis Charlie piece in the midst of the tragedy in January.

Though Bernadelli's most magical work comes from these manipulations of spills, she's has a lot of range. She can paint Carl Sagan on a grape, make Warhol's Mao out of tofu, carve Steve Jobs out of an apple, and even render a full-color portrait of the ever-lampooned Christopher Walken out of spices and seeds.

Follow Giulia Bernadelli's delightful Instagram, @bernulia, to keep track of her beautiful paintings, her intricate carvings, and the hilarious pictures she posts of her dog Leo. And check out a few of our favorites below: