Credit: © Taco Bell Corporation

Attention, lushes! Your time to legally get drunk in a Taco Bell is at hand!

We’ve been sitting on word that Taco Bell planned to open an outpost in Chicago that serves alcohol since back in May. After a bit of a delay, the Mexican fast food chain picked September 22 as the official launch date. But the location in the city’s Wicker Park area apparently could not wait to watch people get wild on Gorditas and margaritas, so this “Taco Bell Cantina,” as it’s called, soft-opened today.

So what kind of booze will you find at this new Cantina? Pretty much exactly what you’d expect from the company who turned more than one flavor of Doritos into a taco shell. According to USA Today, “The featured item on drinks menu include the Mtn. Dew Baja Blast, Cantina Punch and Cantina Margarita freezes, which can be spiked with one ounce of Captain Morgan white rum, Ketel One vodka or Don Julio tequila.” That’s right: Mixing Mountain Dew Baja Blast with vodka isn’t just a drink you sneak into the Taco Bell anymore… It’s now a drink you can actually buy at the Taco Bell. Now, that’s progress.

Rum and vodka drinks are going for $6.19 plus tax; tequila drinks cost a heftier $7.19 plus tax. You can also grab draft beers from Dos Equis or New Belgium for $4, or wines from the California winemakers Steelhead Vineyard and Stack Wine.

Since the average Taco Bell sale is only about $7, the company hopes alcohol will drive up revenues. It’ll probably drive up the restaurant’s rowdiness, as well—which is fine, because, let’s be honest, the people watching at Taco Bell has always been better than the food.