Move over matcha.

By Brianna Wippman
Updated May 24, 2017
© Matcha Mylkbar

First there was the green matcha latte. Then came the golden-yellow turmeric latte. What brightly-hued, coffee-free "latte" will next overtake your Instagram feed? A shop in Melbourne, Australia hopes it will be the thing you see above.

According to The Guardian, the all-vegan Matcha Mylkbar (which already offers such oddball variations as an earthy chiaga mushroom latte) recently debuted a blue beverage that combines coconut milk, agave, lemon, ginger and blue algae powder. Closely related to the superfood spirulina, blue algae is packed with nutrients, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties—and it gives the drink it's vibrant blue color. A customer noted its "strong seaweed-type smell," while staff say it has a tart aftertaste, reminiscent of sour milk. Sounds delicious?

At $8, it might not be the most affordable drink. But it will definitely make for a pretty photo.