By Cady Lang
Updated October 14, 2016
Credit: © David Friedman / Getty Images

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The next time you forget your ID, don’t panic — there are plenty of other ways to prove that you’re of legal drinking age.

For Reddit user boomboomsaloon, invoking the archaic practice of renting DVDs or perhaps even — gasp! — VHS, was enough to act as ID to buy beer.

In a Reddit forum, he posted about using his Blockbuster (you know, that chain store of yesteryear where people rented movies before there was Netflix) membership card to prove that he was legal.

“It took about 15 tries, but I was finally able to buy beer using my blockbuster membership as proof of age,” he wrote.

Those looking to also forgo traditional forms of identification might consider bringing back other markers of your advanced age — CD collections, original boy band merchandise — the possibilities are endless.